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So what’s interesting about 2010?

January 2, 2010

It seems (perhaps only to me) like it ought to factor nicely, because 20 is twice 10.  But once you factor out that 10 and that 3 you’re just left with a prime, since 2010 is just 2·3·5·67. (Speaking of four primes, did you know that you can get four prime New York Steaks for $132.95 on Amazon?  I was relieved to see that they were not available for Super Saver Shipping.)

Wolfram Alpha points out that 2010 itself is a factor of 296-1.  And  Number Gossip adds that it’s untouchable, which means that there aren’t any numbers whose proper divisors add up to 2010.

It can be written as 133122 in Base 4, which is kind of cool, and as 6, 3, 12 in Base 18; my favorite, however, is that it is 5, 10, 15 in Base 19.

Finally, it’s equal to:
127+128+…+141 and several others
[Hmmm…I can find a string for each of the 7 odd factors, but I’m not sure that exhausts all of the possibilities.]

While getting ready to post this, I noticed that MathNotations has a similar post from yesterday.   Whoops!