AAA Math Fail


We were in AAA this weekend getting passport photos for the decennial renewal (though for kids it’s only pentennial)(or quincennial) (And yes, I did just have to look all those words up, thankyouverymuch.)   Right by the front door TwoPi noticed a sign advertising the AAA discounts to various places.

OK, it’s hard to read, because TwoPi was being all subtle with his cell phone.  Here’s a close up:

So you can go to Disney for 1 to 10 days, and “The more days — the less you pay!”  Whoa — what a deal!   Though in truth, I’m thinking that  whoever made this sign needs a refresher course in the difference between functions and rates of change.

Hmmm — this stood out as a Fail, but in thinking more it’s a nice application of the sign of the second derivative as well.



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