Pi Day Sudoku Is Back!


You laughed in 2008.

You cried in 2009.

This March, from the producers of Naked Sudoku*, comes…

Pi Day Sudoku 2010


As in past years, there is also a contest** associated with the puzzle, but who needs a contest when you’ve got a puzzle with the (conjectured) minimum number of clues (18 – in this puzzle, the first 18 digits of π) for a unique solution of a rotationally symmetric puzzle?  Here’s a printable PDF so you can take the puzzle with you to your next meeting lunch break.

Happy solving!

*Brainfreeze Puzzles, in case you were wondering.
**Also as in past years, we will not allow a solution to be posted until after the June 1 deadline.  Thank you for your cooperation.

5 Responses to “Pi Day Sudoku Is Back!”

  1. 14 de marzo: el día de pi « :: ZTFNews.org Says:

    […] … o haces un -sudoku: […]

  2. Rory Says:

    Could someone please email me the PDF file? It will not open up for me. Ryakubov@keansburg.k12.nj.us


  3. Erik Christensen Says:

    Great sudoku puzzle!

    You need some slightly advanced methods to solve this. You may have some help using my user-friendly Sudoku Instructions program which you will find at my website. This program can give you tips on how to solve any sudoku puzzle. Best regards, Erik

  4. DownloadSudoku.org Says:

    I laughed HARD at “from the producers of Naked Sudoku*, comes…”

    hahahaha. I’ve been working on this puzzle for the better part of an hour now. I’m almost there ahhhhhhh! I consider myself pretty good at Sudoku and you are cramping my style.

    Just kidding, keep it up!

  5. Kelly A. Harmon » Happy Pi Day! Says:

    […] Pi Sudoku 2008 Pi Sudoku 2009 Pi Sudoku 2010 […]

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