The Godzillas make Chocolate Éclair Pie


No math today (except the usual fractions in cooking):  the purpose of this post is to introduce you to Godzilla’s young ward, who currently (but not necessarily permanently) goes by the name Mini-G.   Little Godzilla is not very tall:

but this means he gets to travel more, and do things like ride the bumper cars at amusement parks.

Today (well, actually, last weekend) Big-G and Mini-G teamed up to prepare a delectable feast of a dessert that is dangerously easy to make:  Chocolate Éclaire Pie, the recipe of which is due to our no-longer-brand-new faculty member Nicole.  (Actually, I think the recipe comes from her mom, and possibly someone else before that.  Thanks Nicole’s mom and anyone else it might have come from!)

Here’s how you start:

1 box of Graham crackers
2 small boxes of vanilla instant pudding
1 (8oz) carton of Cool Whip
3.5 cups of milk

Grease the bottom of a 9×13 cake pan (so maybe this is really a cake and not a pie) and line it with graham crackers.  You’ll use just under 1/3 of a box, so you’ll have some left over for snacking.

Mix the pudding with milk and beat it about about 2 min.

Then blend in the cool whip. You’re practically done with the cake-part now!

(There’s about an 80% chance that someone was singing, “Whisk it!  Whisk it good!” during the filming of this portion.)

Pour 1/2 the mixture over the crackers. Add another layer of crackers and cover the rest with pudding mixture, then add a final layer of crackers to the top of that.

Cover it, and refrigerate it at least two hours.  When it’s about ready, it’s time to make the Topping!

¾ cup cocoa
¼ cup oil
4 tsp vanilla
3 cups 10x (powdered) sugar
6 Tbsp (3/8 cup) milk
6 Tbsp butter or margarine, melted
4 tsp white karo syrup

Mix all the topping ingredients together until smooth.  [An electric mixer would have been more effective, but harder for the Gs to hold.]

Spread on top of the graham crackers, and refrigerate it for 20 more hours.  And now it’s ready!


Note 1: The original recipe only had half the amounts for the topping, but Nicole confessed that she always doubled it, so who am I to argue?

Note 2: When I made it the topping came out a little thick, so it might be OK to add a little more milk if it seems that way to you too.

Note 3: I’m not totally sure about that final 20 hours; I keep meaning to double check that it’s not a typo.  But I kind of like the 20 hours because it means you have to make it a day in advance, which works well if you’re having people over or bringing it somewhere.

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