If it’s Pi Day, that means…


Brainfreeze Puzzles must have a new Pi Day Puzzle up — woo hoo!!!!!

The Rules are to fill in this pie-shaped circle so that the numbers 1 through 12 appear:

  • exactly once in each double-wedge of the same color,
  • exactly once in each pair of opposite wedges, and
  • exactly once in each ring around the center.

As in previous years, they are having a contest for correct entries (information on this website and this pdf file), so no hints or solutions are to be posted in the comments until the contest closes on June 1.  [If/when they print a solution, we’ll post a link to it.]

If you missed Brainfreeze’s earlier puzzles, here are the ones from:




5 Responses to “If it’s Pi Day, that means…”

  1. Pi-ling Up On Pi « Maryland Math Madness Says:

    […] pi puzzle (I’ve enjoyed their puzzles each year past, and look forward to working on this one). […]

  2. Wild About Math bloggers 3/18/11 » Fun Math Blog Says:

    […] learned from the 360 Blog that Brainfreeze Puzzles is running a Pi Day contest. No, you didn’t miss the deadline. […]

  3. Math Mistakes and Misplaced Measuring « 360 Says:

    […] depressing.  We’d better recover by looking back at some old Pi Day Sudokus. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  4. Grace Lau Says:

    where do we send our entries for the contest? and what are the prizes?

  5. Ξ Says:

    Hi Grace – this entry is from several years ago, and so the contest isn’t accepting new entries. I think in the past it was a copy of their book. Brainfreeze has a few other Pi Day contests at https://brainfreezepuzzles.com/

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