The Difference


Friday’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.  (Click to view the original along with the bonus content.)

So which are you?

2 Responses to “The Difference”

  1. Gaurav Tiwari Says:

    This is an off topic (possibly) comment on this great humor. Once my classmate asked me to write \pi= \sqrt{10} or {31}^{1/3} (and more…. Oomph.. I don’t remember.) When I said him to stop thinking about these kind of nonsense values of \pi – she replied, “Are you Sure that I’m wrong?”, “Why can we not try to represent \pi as squareroots or cuberoots, instead of a rational number?” “pi is not just like 3.14…etc.” blah. Blah

  2. Walking Randomly » Carnival of Math #76 Says:

    […]  Carnival regular, John D. Cook, brings us A Ramanujan series for calculating pi, 360 has The Difference and Qiaochu Yuan counters with Pi is still wrong.  Finally, madkane brings us a Pi day […]

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