Kid Snippets Math Class


Our 9-year old recently introduced us to Kid Snippets, a series of short videos feature adults acting out children’s conversations.  (The children are given a scenario and “act” it out vocally; the adults then do the actual acting to the children’s dialogue.)  These are now sweeping through the department, since watching funny videos is way more fun than studying for math tests.  It’s also possible that I’ve watched more than a few of these for a break myself, even when no kids were around.


3 Responses to “Kid Snippets Math Class”

  1. Emily H. Says:

    I love these videos, and my students love them, too. They are perfect to show on a day with a disrupted schedule before a break because they are short, funny, and 100% school appropriate. I’m glad you’re spreading the word! The “Math Class” scenario is alarming similar to what it feels like to teach/be a student in real life, but I think that makes it even more funny.

  2. Ξ Says:

    I showed them in my classes too – I love the Cooking Show one also. And yes, the accuracy at times makes it especially funny. 🙂

  3. Sherry Lewis Says:

    Outstanding! I guffawed my head off!

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