Monday Morning Math: Origami


Good morning!  This is the first Monday in May and the trees and flowers are in bloom.  It’s also finals week at Naz, which means it’s the last Monday Morning Math of the school year.  I hope you’ve had fun – we’ll pick it back up in September, probably starting the Monday after Labor Day!  Same bat time, same bat channel.

For this final MMM we’re using a reader suggestion – Origami (thanks Phyllis!)  Origami is a pretty neat subject [one that I think we’ll come back to next year too] because you can use it to make things like a flapping bird:

or a modular pinwheel:

Want something more geometrical?  Here’s a whole page that shows you how to make all the Platonic Solids (symmetric three dimensional polyhedron made out of a single regular polygon) AND all the Archimedean Solids (same as Platonic, but using more than one shape) AND some stars.

Want something more practical?  How about a giant space telescope made out of origami: 

Too big? What about medical implants?

Or do you just want to see some pictures of origami?

Here’s a fish:

Here’s some more fish, each made from a dollar bill:

Here’s a lilac spider, in honor of the upcoming Lilac Festival:

And, finally, here’s a pretty figure in case you didn’t want to end with a spider:

Have a good summer/winter everyone [depending of course on which hemisphere you’re in]!  My own plans include making even more origami – I got this book by Thomas Hull but haven’t had a chance to make things from it yet.  I hope your own plans are equally fun!

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