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Monday Morning Math: Mathematically Gifted & Black

February 6, 2023

This post is a complication, about several mathematicians!  Every day during the month of February the site Mathematically Gifted & Black honors a mathematician.  For example,

February 1 featured Ruthmae Sears, an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and the Associate Director for the Coalition of Science Literacy at the University of South Florida.  An article from the University of South Florida contains additional information about her:

As a mathematics educator, Ruthmae Sears has a true flair for problem solving. Her work extends far beyond using formulas and finding solutions to abstract mathematical problems. Using mathematical reasoning to examine social disparities such as poverty, literacy and structural racism, Sears develops community-centric solutions. Her work emphasizes inclusivity in all spaces, stemming from her belief that schools are microcosms of a community.

February 2 highlighted Clarence W Johnson, a Math Professor at Cuyahoga Community College in Ohio.  In that article he offers the following words of inspiration:

Never let other people convince you that you are incapable of succeeding. Draw strength from both the positive and negative actions of others. However, most of your success will be drawn from qualities within yourself.

February 3 recognizes Ayanna Perry the Associate Director for the Teaching Fellows Program at Knowles Teacher Initiativewith in New Jersey.  There is more information in this article, including a link to an article in Mathematics Teacher entitled “7 Features of Equitable Classroom Spaces”  that I just requested through InterLibrary Loan.

You can come back each day to learn about a new person, or browse previous years to learn even more, including the 2018 Nominee Clarence Francis Stephens, who for several years taught just down the road at SUNY Geneseo. 

Happy Black History Month!