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How big is an Acre? How much is inside other stuff?

July 15, 2008

How big is an acre? It is, of course, 4046.9 square meters, although that 0.9 is shorthand for 0.8726… if you’re surveying in the USA and shorthand for 0.8564… if you’re not. But how big is that? If the answer of “four roods” doesn’t help you, then a popular comparison is that it is about 3/4 of a football field:

Created by Xyzzy n and posted under GNU Free Documentation License

It was in searching for a visual description of an acre that I ran across the great site How Much is Inside? (with translations into Arabic, Dutch, German, Spanish, and Swedish). Rob Cockerham and his crack team of reporters tackle all sorts of questions about non-standard measurement. For example,

As a bonus, there’s a Science Club which does fun things like drop toast to see if it usually lands butter side down and dissect Hot Pockets. Hooray for science!