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One year down…

October 31, 2008

Since all the cool kids are doing it, allow me to post a “me too!” brief retrospective here to celebrate our first year.

Actually, “me too!” is pretty much how I got here to begin with.  I knew that two faculty at Nazareth College were starting a math blog, and after hearing about what they envisioned, I asked to be allowed in on the fun, even if I teach at the rival college up the road.  And fun it has been!  I haven’t had this much fun thinking, reading, and writing about vaguely-math-related-stuff since I was killing time in grad school on sci.math and other nether  realms of USENET, in the pre-web days of the net.  Thank you Batman and Ξ for sharing this space!

We (or at least I) don’t plan out topics in advance; most posts are either driven by stuff we see in the news, cool things that happen in class, or flashes of inspiration in the car driving home from work.  And there’s no telling what will hit a chord…  who knew that Godzilla would become a recurring character on a math blog?  or that Basketball Man and George Orwell Man would keep searching for those images?

Here’s to another year of friends near and far, food, horrid puns, and of course Godzilla, sharing both serious and whimsical slices of mathematics. Cheers!


Happy Anniversary!

October 31, 2008

One year ago today, Batman set up this site and wrote our very first post. It was seen by approximately 3 people. At that point I had a different username, but then I saw Batman and TwoPi’s names and I got jealous and picked the Greek symbol Xi (Ξ) because in grad school someone had told me once about a class where the prof was using Ξ for some variable, and it occurred in a fraction. The top was just Ξ, but the bottom was Ξ with a bar on top. The fraction ended up looking like this:

I thought that was about the coolest fraction I’d ever seen, and I would have been Xi-over-Xi-bar if I could have, but Xi was the closest I could come.

In thinking about the posts I’ve written, my artistic abilities are rather limited (as any of my students will tell you) so I’m disproportionately proud whenever I manage to create pictures for the posts. And it’s been a surprise (not any more, but at first) how often Godzilla makes guest appearances. He’s like Charo on the Love Boat: once he jumped into the blogging world (with a photo of himself eating Buffalo-Chicken Dip) he hasn’t looked back.

Happy Anniversary 360! And since the Anniversary falls on such an auspicious day, I’ll share one of my favorite sophomore-level math jokes:

Q: Why do mathematicians think that Halloween and Christmas fall on the same day?
A: Because 31 Oct = 25 Dec.*

* Think 31 Base 8 and 25 Base 10