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Blue Man Math Contest

January 12, 2009

blue_man_groupThe Blue Men want you — yes, YOU — to use your mathematics skills for a contest! Well, if you’re a high school student that is.  They are inviting “high school science, performing arts, and math students” to enter a contest to create a musical instrument out of unusual items (for inspiration, think of the PVC pipes that they use in their performances).

But act quick — the deadline is January 15!  The official stuff is here.

Speaking of the Blue Man group, did you know that they opened an elementary school in New York City this past fall?  It’s called the Blue School and the classroom reminds me just a bit of one of their performances, although the $27K price tag is a bit out of my range (though apparently standard for NYC private schools).

Blue Man photo published here by Stefan-Xp under the GNU Free Documentation License.