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Soda Cracker Candy

December 8, 2007

cracker.pngNeed a break from the end-of-the-year crunch? Perhaps a little snack will cheer you up! Soda Cracker Candy is amazing, and the ratio of taste-to-work is way up there: it’s hard to find an easier candy/bar cookie that tastes as good. And they have chocolate in them. And they’re mathy: they’re made from saltines, and saltines are squares. How’s that for a justification? Click here for the recipe.

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Ice-cream Pie

November 30, 2007

ice-cream-pie.jpgIn preparation for the dozen or so students who are coming over for dinner tonight in honor of Saturday’s Putnam exam, I made the pie pictured here. I made a bunch of pies, actually, because pie is really good. And then I thought “Pie is a mathy kind of dessert. We need a pie category on our Blog!” The premier recipe is this Chocolate-Peanut Butter Ice-Cream Pie by Heather Eckman. Click here for the recipe