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Juxtapositions: Sudoku Lotto

January 21, 2008

There I was, a mathematician in the grocery checkout line. Inexplicably, I found my eye drawn to the scratch-off lottery ticket machine. Unlike the proverbial punk in a Dirty Harry movie, I did feel lucky, and I surreptitiously slipped a couple bucks out of my wallet, hoping the cashier wouldn’t notice and take me for a fool.

One of the current scratch-off games offered by the New York Lottery is a SuDoKu game.


The best place to buy PowerBall Lotto tickets?

December 12, 2007

As noted in a press release from the Oklahoma Lottery, the convenience store “Station 2” in Watts, Oklahoma, has sold two winning PowerBall tickets within the past two weeks.  “Winning” in that they both were redeemable for hundreds of thousands of dollars; neither one won the whole enchilada.  Does this make the Station 2 a PowerBall powerhouse? Or should we expect these sorts of coincidences?