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Mathematical Mindreading: Splitting up Piles

April 3, 2008

crystal.jpgHere’s another mindreading trick with which to amaze your friends and family! Start with a pile of pennies (or beads or paper clips or poker chips etc.) You’ll need to know in advance how many pennies there are: for this example we’ll assume that there are 20 pennies in the pile. It’s not a big deal if your Audience knows that you know how many pennies there are, although if you do this trick more than once it is most impressive to use a different number of pennies each time. Click to find out how to do this mindreading trick!

Math Card Tricks: Counting Cards

February 13, 2008

playing_cards.jpgHere’s a simple card trick that can be done with an ordinary deck of cards and a Volunteer From the Audience. Remove the jokers (from the deck, not the audience), and shuffle the cards.

Throughout this trick, Aces are 1, 2s are 2, 3s are 3, …, 10s are 10, Jacks are 11, Queens are 12, and Kings are 13. Click here for the trick and its variations.