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Carnivals Galore

July 24, 2009

colored_balloonsAs part of our limited-internet limited-posts July, we fell behind on all the Carnivals.  Rather than skip them completely, which would be sad, we’ll do a quick summary.

We missed the Carnival of Mathematics #54 at Todd and Vishal’s Blog (Topological Musings), but there is a lot of good info there, including links to a couple of new blogs.

Earlier this month was Math Teachers at Play #11, hosted by Sue Van Hattum at  Math Mama Writes….  (Incidentally, her current post on Myths about Math is also interesting to think about.  I see a lot of those beliefs when I teach our Thinking Mathematically course, which is one of my favorite classes to teach [usually taken only to satisfy the general ed requirement]).

Finally, today is Math Teachers at Play #12, hosted by Jason Dyer over at The Number Warrior.   (I love the photo in one of the links of an elevator in Serbia with negative numbers!)

This is unrelated to Carnivals, but we were thrilled to be included on Online Universities’ list of the 100 best websites for Mathletes.    They have several groups of info, including major math organizations [primarily in the US],  a list of contest sites, and a section on Career Tools and Guides.  Thanks!

Balloon photo from wwskies.