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A computer that really CAN read your mind…

December 17, 2007

crystal.jpg Want to play another mind-reading game? Check out this Mindreader Applet by Anup Doshi. In this game you enter a supposedly random* sequence of digits 0 and 1 and the computer tries to predict your next move. The computer scores a point each time it correctly predicts your move; you score a point each time it doesn’t. Can you beat the computer? To get a sense of how the program is working, try moving in a predictable sequence (101001010010100) and see how long it takes for the computer to figure out the pattern.

* Click here for Scott Adams’ take on random number generation.

The original version of this game was created by Professors Yoav Freund and Rob Schapire, based on work of Claude E. Shannon and D. W. Hagelbarger in the 1950s.