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Polyhedral Calendars

December 24, 2007

[to the tune of that song from The Sound of Music]

Paper polyhedra with identical faces

2008 calendar in lovely typefaces

Downloading free stuff off of geeky web-rings

These are a few of my favorite things!

Thanks to Ole Arntzen of the IT Department at the University of Bergen (Universitetet i Bergen) for providing a customizable dodecahedral calendar generator. You select the shape, year, language (from approximately 50 options), format (ps or pdf), and whether the week starts on Sunday or Monday; the resulting postscript or PDF file can be saved and printed, and assembled into a polyhedral calendar.

[Postscript added 12/24:  A bit of experimentation suggests that the calendar generator implements the Gregorian calendar for all years, even those prior to the introduction of the Gregorian reform.  Caveat lector! ]