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We’re guest posting over at Puntabulous!

July 29, 2008

Head over to Puntabulous for Teach Me Something Tuesday #14: A History of Cruises (since Craig is gone for the week on a Cruise Ship). One of the facts that arose in the comments this morning was about the gas mileage of Cruise Ships. If you’re worried about your 20 miles per gallon and envying a 40 mpg hybrid (even though it might not be as good a deal as it sounds initially), be glad that you’re not taking the Queen Elizabeth 2 to work. The QE2 gets only 40-50 feet per gallon.

The Queen Mary is even worse, getting 13 feet per gallon*. That’s .0025 miles per gallon or, put another way, over 400 gallons per mile. And if you’re talking gallons per mile instead of miles per gallon, you know these rising fuel prices are hitting you especially hard.

*13 feet per gallon = 1 meter per liter, which is fun to say out loud.