Carnival of Math #47: The Star Trek Edition


george_takei_chicago_gay__lesbian_pride_2006The 47th Carnival of Mathematics is up today, courtesy of regular host jd2718.  The number 47 appears a lot in Star Trek (particularly Star Trek:  The Next Generation), so this Carnival is written with a Star Trek theme in mind.    Now I’m torn between reading more of the math posts and reminiscing about ST:TNG, which I used to watch every week in college.  But fortunately the weekend is only half over, so there is plenty of time for both.   Enjoy!

The photo of George Takei is by Zesmerelda, licensed here under Creative Commons.  And OK, he’s in a parade, but that’s LIKE a Carnival.

Edited 1/18 to add: This post was actually written by Ξ, not TwoPi — I wrote it before realizing that TwoPi was logged in, and am not sure how to change the authorship.  Whoops!  And this wouldn’t be a big deal, of course, except that TwoPi is a fan of the original Star Trek, not so much TNG.


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