What’s the (Geometric) Pattern?


To go along with yesterday’s post, here is another fun “Find the Pattern” problem.  I got this from Helen Timberlake, but I’m not sure if it was her creation or not.



7 Responses to “What’s the (Geometric) Pattern?”

  1. David Petersen Says:

    Is it significant that the sides seem to not match on the hexagons on the last row or that the side is missing on the squares in the 5th column or is the just a printing error?

  2. Ξ Says:

    No, that’s just how the picture scaled. The pattern is made out of the three basic shapes.

  3. David Petersen Says:

    Aha! I think I got it.

  4. Alex Says:

    Hint: 21 circles, 14 squares, 7 hexagons

  5. liliana Says:

    there`s a lot of things you could put

  6. Cheryl Says:

    what should a geometric “benz” design look like?

  7. Dan Says:

    This is a tough one to try and think outside the “box.” It took a while to find the “starting point.”

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