Happy New Carnival!


It’s a new year, maybe a new decade (I’m a plebian), and the perfect day for a new Carnival!  Though I can’t help but feel guilty that I didn’t mention the previous one, and not because it wasn’t good either — it was.  So here’s a summary of the carnivals and a chance to start the New Year off on the right foot!

There was Math Teachers at Play #20 back on its original turf at Let’s Play Math, with it’s regular assortment of lots of fun math.  Speaking of Let’s Play Math, Denise has her annual New Year’s post with the 2010 Mathematics Game; I remember thinking last year that I should get a head start on that, and didn’t, but we’ve got some mathy company coming this weekend so it’ll provide some good entertainment.

Then there was the Carnival of Mathematics #60 over at Σidiot’s Blog (heheh — I just got that).  That carnival appeared back on December 4, and had some neat modular origami and puzzles and National Math Blog Writing month and a portrait of someone who isn’t a mathematician.

Next came Math Teachers at Play #21 at Math Mama Writes in mid-December (and Sue also has  a recent post exploring Pythagorean Triples, which seem to come back again and again as neat things to think about).

And now we’re at Carnival of Mathematics #61!  It’s up at Walking Randomly today, with puzzles and statistics and many other good things.  There’s a mention of calendars at the end, which reminded me of the printable dodecahedral one that TwoPi mentioned two years ago.  Not that that is a calendar or anything, but at least it’s a dodecahedron.

And there we have it.  Happy New Year!

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